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Check out the video from MAC TOOLS on The Filler Detective®

Watch and see how a private car seller is using The Filler Detective® as a sales tool to not only increase the sales price of his cars but to increase the amount of information given from seller to buyer about the car.


Listen to what a Local Body Shop Owner says about his experience with The Filler Detective®.


The Filler Detective® was built to solve a concealed mechanical problem on cars, trucks and motorcycles.

How do you know if a car, truck or motorcycle has been in an accident and been repaired? Or how do you locate hidden damage on any sheet metal part?

If the seller doesn’t know, or is hiding knowledge of an accident, if the repair was done poorly using more body filler than was prudently necessary, or if a repaint (or several of them) is hiding body filler – you need to be able to find out where it is on the vehicle or parts, and how deep it is. Bondo® body fillers are excellent for body repairs and can be measured for proper thickness and application using The Filler Detective®.

ONLY The Filler Detective®(Patent Pending) can do this, and it lets you know audibly with ever-increasing frequency as the body filler gets deeper, and lights up different colored LED’s as the body filler gets deeper. The sound is detectable even in noisy environments such as auctions, car shows, large crowds, roadside generated noise, machinery noise, and ambient noise. The lights are discernible in bright sunshine, and really brilliant in any lesser lit areas.

This meter will FIND any body filler. Every time.

The Filler Detective® will find all these Nationally used Auto BODY FILLERS, combinations of these, and more:

  • Bondo® 3M™ Bondo Filler®
  • 3M™ A Acryl–Green Spot Putty
  • Feather-Rite® USChemical®
  • Duraglas®USChemical®
  • Evercoat®Quantum1®
  • U-Pol Flyweight Gold

Even works on:

  • Aluminized Evercoat® Metal-2-Metal™

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