Hot Rod The Filler Detective®

Hot Rod The Filler Detective®Hot Rod The Filler Detective®(patent pending) will find hidden body damage and body filler on a car, truck or motorcycle. We have tested Hot Rod The Filler Detective® on all kinds of body fillers including popular ones such as Bondo®. Hot Rod The Filler Detective® will tell you where it is, AND how deep it is. This meter doesn’t miss!

Hot Rod The Filler Detective®

This is a one-button tool that provides visual and audio indication when it detects exactly where the body filler is located on a damage repaired vehicle.

You can spot check the body of the vehicle, or safely slide it on the micro-fiber nose over a whole panel.

The sound is detectable even in noisy environments such as auctions, car shows, or large crowds. The speed of the beeps increase as the thickness of the detected body filler increases.

The lights are visible in bright sunshine and exceptionally brilliant in any lesser lit areas.

Hot Rod The Filler Detective® is brand new, and it WORKS. Every time.

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“Pays for itself in just one use!”